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Welcome to Aging with Down Syndrome, a passion project filled with content that can inspire and help you support a person aging with Down syndrome. This is a new website so there may be a few glitches as it gets updated and expanded.


Explore the site and keep coming back as I plan to add many more topics of interest, links to helpful resources, and some information sheets you may find useful. In time, I would like to provide a forum for families to interact with each other about specific questions they may have. The possibilities are endless as our loved ones continue to age with Down syndrome. I would also love to share your story here. If you would like to contribute an article for Aging with Down Syndrome, please contact me for more information.

Some Facts Related to Aging with Down Syndrome

Adults with Down syndrome have the same healthcare needs as everyone.

People with Down syndrome commonly live into their fifties and sixties.

Accelerated aging is often experienced in adults with Down syndrome - they may deal with certain aging issues twenty years earlier than the general population.

Adults with Down syndrome are at higher risk for Alzheimer's disease - sometimes as early as their late forties or mid-fifties.

Many adults with Down syndrome are cared for by aging parents or their siblings.


Peeking into Matt's Wonderful Life

Blog Posts


My stint as a blogger began in 2014, shortly after Matt received a diagnosis of Alzheimer's. I stopped adding to the blog when I began writing my book about raising Matt. And now I'm back; Matt and I hope you will find our stories of interest to you and, more importantly, they will help you support someone you love who is aging with Down syndrome.

Please note that the first eight entries from my original blog are included here. They were written in the following order:

  1. Turning 40

  2. Like a Puppy

  3. Finding a Meaningful Life

  4. Could This Be Alzheimer's

  5. Dementia Capable Care 

  6. And the Emotions Hit

  7. I will Because I Said I Would

  8. Isn't It a Lovely Ride?

Most Recent Blog 

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